Event Posting

Posting an event will only take you a few minutes and will help you extend visibility to your event to the rest of the community. The great part is that you can do all of this without having to create an account.

Post Your Event

It takes only a few minutes to post your event to the online calendar. In addition, your event will immediately be included in the weekly digest that community members across your area are subscribed to.

Your event will have a url dedicated to your event, regardless if the event information gets updated or not.

Securely Manage Your Event Information

Immediately after you post your event, both the poster and host organization will receive an automated email which will include a security key, only allowing you both to update the event at anytime. Don't worry, if you update your event, your url will not change and will remain constant.

Your security key will enable you to either update or cancel the event.

Increase Visibility to Your Event

Social networks have a powerful impact. We will help increase visibility to your event the best we can, but it is not successful without your active participation.

Share your event, so that others will share them as well.

Sharing the experience and Valuable Feedback

Organizing and holding an event is a success on its own, but it does not necessarily mean that your organization can not improve to meet the needs of the community. After your event has ended, community members will have 2 weeks to leave feedback.

The feedback will not only help your organization receive constructive feedback to improve, but will also allow community members to share experiences, allowing others that have not attended your event to be more informed and inclined to attend a future event.