What is UmmahNow?

Your Community. Now. UmmahNow is a free online service to create synergy and familiarity in your community. UmmahNow is focused on empowering Muslim communities - individuals and organizations - in the U.S. to create dialogue and interaction with one another and is designed and dedicated to be a guiding, unifying force within American society through infrastructure services.

UmmahNow is a byproduct of The Southern California Association of Muslim Activists (SCAMA) and is in live-beta development.


Alhumdulillah, since finding this site my family and I can plan our calendar of Islamic activities well in advance.

- Jenna Solorio, Southern California Resident

I am very very thankful to you and all behind UmmahNow, it truly is an integral part of our event planning and scheduling process.

- Atif Butt, Programs Coordinator of CAIR

UmmahNow has remained the most trusted way of knowing what is happening in my community.

- Waqas Ahmed, Assistance Secretary General and Chair of the ICNA IT Department